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Andrew McGivery

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September 2005
As the recession continues, and the government continues to spend money throwing the country deeper and deeper into dept, one has to wonder. Is it getting any better?

According to statistics Canada, the current unemployment rate in canada was 8.6%, june 2009. It also estimated there are 33,592,686 citizens of Canada, meaning there are about 2,888,970 unemployed Canadians.

In the states, the situation is even worse. With an unemployment rate of 9.5% in June 2009, that puts them at almost 29 million unemployed Americans.

According to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the worse of the recession is over.

According to, the current recession was started by the collapse of the housing market in December 2007. They also say that "Many have called this recession the worst since World War 2."

So what do you think. Is the recession going to continue? is the worse truly behind us?

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May 2007
I really don't think that the recession is over due to the fact that the States unemployment rate hasn't change much. I have seen people that have lost jobs that shouldn't have lost their job and try to reply for one with a different company, but no one is hiring for what the person can do. Not a lot of people can just change the line of work they do since the recession has come and taking their jobs, so they are unable to go back to school to learn a different trade.
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It's just starting to hit me now. I hate it, I'm gonna be putting my money in the Yen for a while.