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Joe Kerr

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Why So Serious?


June 2010
Just fill out this sentence

If you asked me to [fill this in mentally] i would:

So if i was to do it to the person above me it would be

If you asked me to...i would:
Think i was crazy for seeing ghosts
Building Your Proboard, a Basic Guide to Getting Your Forum Started

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Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.

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May 2011
Uhmmm. . . .

If you asked me to . . . I would:
Run away screaming "OHHH SHEEEEEEEEEE-P"

Do you know how to create templates?
Do you love creating graphics? Are you a coder or rater?
I'm looking for people like you to contribute to a resource section on a forum.
If you're interested, please PM me! (It's a ProBoards Forum.)