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Where were you when Reach fell?

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May 2008

Sorry for the lateness of this. Hotshot has disappeared and I didn't realize it until now. I'll be running this contest for now on.

#21 was judged by James/Jim, so big thanks to him. Because this was kind of spur of the moment, there will be no runner ups.

Quinnie is the winner with this quote:
"Shortly after the performance, the team decided that hip-thrusting in formation was probably not the best opening move. "

James's reasoning:
"Each time I read Quinine's I hear Jeremy Clarkson's voice in my head, so I'll go with that one ."

So there you have it. :P


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November 2010
Congrats, Quinnie! :3

Joe Kerr

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Why So Serious?


June 2010
Grats :D

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October 2009
Congrats :)


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May 2007
oh, so it's quinnie now? maybe I should just change it to Quinn. anyhoo! I expect my winner sig and 20 points if they have not already been awarded *sniffs*

...thanks, James :D how much money do I owe you? jks, jks.

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