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Here's a little article I wrote about....which is better the Wii or PS3?

Wii vs PS3

A company that has been inferior for the last five years is now going to lead a revolution. Nintendo who once had a title of the top video game producer will reclaim their title from Sony, the producers of the Playstation 3. Nintendo, using their latest creation the ‘Wii’. The Wii’s controller and prices will annihilate and dominate Sony’s Playstation 3 or PS3.

The controller the only device to interact with a video game. Is it time we changed the way it works? The controller has been left with very little change since 1987.
And a change in that is exactly what Nintendo is going to do. Nintendo revolutionized the industry with the joystick back in the mid 90’s which was quickly imitated by Sony. This time however Nintendo is releasing a motion sensor on their controller. Controllers which will use signals from the system and the T.V. itself to imitate the actions of the player does and correspond those actions with the character or object they are in charge of. The controller will also include sense linear motion along three axes, as well as tilt. Along with Nintendo’s standard 4 player capability compared to Sony’s basic 2 player system which has been unchanged since it first system, the Playstation. Since then Sony had made strives to create multiplayer capabilities up to 7 players with expensive add-on features however most games were not designed for this creating little interest in Sony’s multiplayer capabilities. Sony had announced that they will not follow this route and will introduce the exact replica of their previous generation of controller. In fact Sony believes the controller of the Wii is too different and innovative thus its downfall. Nintendo argues that this generation of system is not about pumping MP3 and DVD capabilities but molding the video gaming industry into some thing different. If I wanted to buy an MP3 I’d use my iPod or my DVD player not the PS3. Sony’s refusal to advance their controller and take a new stance in the video gaming industry will most likely prove their downfall this generation.

What the main theme in the recent battle of the consoles has been the massive price gap. When Sony announced its debut system of a price of 600 dollars it shocked gamers around the world. When compared to the Wii’s debut price of 250 dollars. But Sony did not stop there they also implemented a sky rocket as to the price of their games, 60 – 100 dollars. Games had been untouched as to price in over a decade with the standard 50 dollars. Which Nintendo will continue to honor. Some argue that the PS3 price is justified considering it Blu-ray. The Blu-ray can store substantially more data than the common DVD format, because of the shorter wavelength. Although this has been looked upon as a nice feature the capabilities it has are excessive for the actual amount of memory stored in the console itself. Along with the Blu-ray addition the price of the PS3 is also affected by its sub-par DVD player and its MP3 features. Nintendo however has a different objective. To provide the gaming community with the best video game device out there not a DVD player, blu-ray, MP3, or anything else Sony is trying to cram into their system. The Wii is also coming with a free game upon the debut purchase, Wii Sports, as to familiarize the gamer with the Wii’s exclusive controller and get the gamer started from day 1. Along with the free game comes the Internet connection. Whilst the console is inactive patches and new chapters to current video games can be automatically downloaded onto the system for the player to enjoy the next day.
After comparing the two systems I came to the conclusion that the Wii is far superior to the PS3. Whether it is its price or controller the Wii outclasses the PS3 in multiple ways. Gamers need a system that meets their needs as a gamer not a movie goers or musician. If Sony had set it priorities straight then maybe its system would succeed. However this is not the case and it is a massive mistake on their part.

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July 2011
The PS3 has motion sensors inside of some of their controllers. Plus, you can't only observe the type of console. Playstation is making much better games than Wii, I know because I have both. For example, let's compare NHL 11 for PS3 and NHL Slapshot for Wii. These are the most advanced hockey games for the two systems as of yet. Slapshot is often called "The little brother to NHL 11" in many of its reviews, and doesn't have as advanced options or graphics that match the playstation in high quality. The PS3 innovates wireless controllers as well, making more players an option. NHL Slapshot for Wii could have as many players as NHL 11 (8), but it doesn't since the system isn't advanced enough for the controllers. NHL 11, on the other hand, allows eight players to play.

Also there is shooting games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, so we will compare the CoD games for shooters. The Wii can be quite frustrating, as if you are not pointing the controller at the screen your player will freeze up and you may be killed. I've had that happen before. The PS3 utilizes its button and analog controls in order to make it a more immersing, fun experience for its players. I'd say those two games pretty much match each other for quality on both of the systems.

If you want to go on liking the Wii, I tell you that it is pretty childish and does not utilize its abilities well. I'd have to say PS3 all the way.
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I'm not good at debating and getting my point across but in my opinion, PS3 is much better.
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November 2008
I think the Nintendo Wii and PS3 are both very good gaming systems in their own rights, but I'd have to say the PS3 is the better of the two. It's easier to play online with, the original way of typing messages is better than the Wii's original way, and the gameplay on the games has more to offer.


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December 2011
In my opinion the ps3 is much better. i have all 3 systems, ps3, wii, and 360, but ps3 is my favorite by far