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September 2010
So, this was my first graphic in over a year as of a few days ago. Emily VanCamp is an actress in the ABC TV Series Revenge (awesome show you should check it out)

*brushes are mine
*render was made by me from an image I found on google
*several photoshop filters and effects were used as well

Let me know what you think of this, and what I can improve on.

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June 2012
Could it be edited by photoshop software to add some more effects
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Aaron Avatar

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November 2005
Great choice to use a white border, it matches with the rest of the image.

Color looks good - but I noticed some purple behind the hair, looks a little off.

'Emily' color could be darker.

Render looks good and the subject is well-blended.

:: rate 4 ::

Do you have your brushes available for download?