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Joe Kerr

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Why So Serious?


June 2010
Lion Rules System (Yootil Plugin)

This Plugin/System prevents registered users from posting until they have read and accepted the rules of your forum.

Thank you Peter for your assistance in various other areas.

The Lion Rules System requires a bit of setup so please read this whole post!


  • Create a custom page with the id: rules

  • Edit this page to display your rules. There are various ways to do this although I recommend using an HTML box. Here is an example of a rules page I created:

  • IMPORTANT: On this page you must have this button.
    <a href="/forum/lionrules"><button>Accept Rules!</button></a>
    Advanced users may edit to use a link or do this a differnent way. The important part is you must have a link for them to accept the rules and this link must take them to the url "/forum/lionrules".

  • Go to your General Settings by adding "/admin/settings/forum" to the end of your homepage url and scroll to the bottom. There you will see a section for Registration Settings. Fill out the field "After Registration Page" by inputting the url of the custom page you just created. This should be your home url followed by "/page/rules

  • This code requires the Yootil Library to be installed on your forum. Please download and install the plugin found here.

  • Download and install Lion Rules System plugin

  • You might want to head over to that custom page and accept the rules yourself so you don't suddenly lose a post you created ;)

Current Download:

For Coders (for the purpose of giving me pointers):

-Added use of Yootil Storage
-Cut down on a lot of the repeated code
-Added check for members to see if they agreed to the rules as guests
-Checked keys on post page instead of onclick which caused some issues because you sometimes still made it to the reply page

-Re-wrote to work a bit more like the original code by SubDevo.
-Disabled quick reply if you haven't read the rules
-Instead of checking to see if you have read the rules when you post. This checks whenever you click any of the reply/createthread buttons or if you quote a post.
-Also checks whenever on a posting page
-Code now works for guests and members alike. I used localstorage for guests. I have not yet set up an option for the browsers that do not have localstorage so this is still slightly buggy, but I should have time to fix that in the next few days.

Future Updates:
-Ability to edit alert messages through user interface

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