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February 2013

So... I like making graphics, but I haven't done so in a very. VERY. long time. Here are a few I managed to collect from awhile ago. There might be one or two that I've made in the past year. I hope to start making more. Crits or comments are more than welcome. Mainly, I was going through an old photobucket account and was reminiscing. ;D

Most of them are character signatures or requests I've made for other characters.

Dream ;]


Aaron Avatar

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November 2005
This is a nice style - you'll see them on celebrity fan sites all the time. Have you made a celeb-fan site?

Since you have a whole bunch of images, I'll go ahead and just review the one in your signature.

Font choice could have been better, it seems a bit plain - like a default one provided by your OS. Try something a little more trendy, bold, with character, like some of the other work you've done.

Colors work well together. They match the subject's face with very soft tones.

The pictures were blended very well together. Great work.

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