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May 2009
A friend and I started working on this a while ago and I've decided to revive development by 'finishing' it off myself. He's cool with it since he's decided to develop a Splunge open-world adventure-type game.


Splunge is an ASCII Roguelike written in C++ using the Libtcod library.
It is set in a series of caves and caverns, filled with all manner of strange beasts and glorious treasure... Splunge is currently in the development phase.


The game is pretty much fully playable now - a decent combat system is still in the works, but for the moment all the basic features are there - items, monsters who chase and attack you etc.


hjkl: Movement left, down, up and right.
yubn: Movement in the four diagonals.
arrows: Movement in the respective direction.
i: Show inventory.
w: Wield item.
W: Wear item.
T: Takeoff item.
e: Eat item.
d: Drop item.
,: Take item on floor.
q: Quit.
<>: Move up and down staircases.

*Testing Controls/Cheats*
%: Sets your hp to 300.
+-: Move you down and up levels of the dungeon.
G: Genocides the next character you press.


To compile on an operating system other than linux:
* Download the libtcod library.
* Extract the shared libraries for your system and place them in the /splunge/lib folder.
* Compile the source code - see the libtcod docs for details.

Author: Guy Paterson-Jones (Old), Memzak (Current)
Email: Rather contact me in this thread.

Splunge is released under the GNU General Public Licence.