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June 2005
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This place is where you can be the shining star of your own! Where completed projects are shown and showcased and members can appreciate your work!

Projects from graphics to websites may be showcased here :D

Though we're glad that you love to display your talents here, we'd like to clarify a few, simple to follow and not harsh, rules in this board. ;)

First of all, no advertising please. Though we know that many people love to, it's just not good for yourself. Especially if that's the only post you have throughout the whole forum!

We require you to have at least 10 posts before posting your website in here.

Also, if the images stretch the board, please kindly link the images into separate links. It makes the board look ugly and it also slows the loading time for our members. If the link also stretches the page, then please use the standard PB off site linking tags in this form [url=URL TO SITE]Site Name[/url]

We'd also like to note that we would like you to not bump, but if you must, wait until its been over 24 hours AND your thread is on the second page.

If you would like to post literary works, please do not post them here. Instead, post them in the correct board in our Literary section.

Thank you for reading this, please check the rules for any updates that may occur.


-Team Studio

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June 2005
Recently, too many "poor quality" rates have been posted. Some examples are shown below:

Awsome job


As you can see, these are all really short comments. They don't express anything about the image. The whole point of the showcase board is to get opinions, suggestions, and constructive comments about your work.

Starting now, we are requiring the comments to at least express something. This can be the reason you do or don't like something. It can be a few suggestions. It just needs to be creative; it doesn't have to be verbose either.

Below are some examples of what are "quality" rates and would be accepted. Take note in each one what they do. They provide expression to backup their opinion and try to give suggestions to help the creator. There is no such thing as a "perfect work."

Anyways, the colors don't match on the second one. The SZ logo doesn't look right at all. Try neutral colors with this. The scanlines make the edges of the Starbucks logo kinda jagged so you should try to fix that. also, on the second one, the SZ logo is cut off a bit on the left.

In this next example, the poster states what he or she doesn't like and then gives suggestions on how to fix it.

I dunno. I think it's too simple, tbh. It's just a cloud filter with a Radial blur and then a circle put on top. You also need to bump the size. I know of one person who uses 800x600 and that is not by choice. The average user is using 1024x768 and even that is beginning to be a thing of the past. Images need to be bigger.

I think some abstract and tech brushing would do this thing some good. Also, some different color with some more contrast would work well. It's very bland right now.

Remember, you don't have to be a graphics god to rate. I've done rates myself. You just need to be able to provide suggestions and constructive commentary and/or criticism.

We will issue warnings to users who continue to violate this new rule.

Thank you,
Team Studio

P.S. Just because I only quoted bad examples that use rate icons does not mean you can't use them. They're there for a reason. :)

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