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June 2012
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My mini banner is 2px's larger than it should be i just realised >.<

Anywho if you would add me to your affiliates, that'd be cool. You-re's is already added to mine :P

link and name: Planet Purps

Stats: New forum
members-2 :(

<a href=" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Planet Purps" border="0" /></a></center>

If the size is an issue, i will do another one :)

As Kathy said, we do have a minimum requirement like that. :( Sorry. The logic is it is better to affiliate with a forum that has shown establishment and reason for affiliation. However, note the "website and forum" part... if you provided 100 (unique) PB codes or something, that'd probably be worth 2-3k posts, etc. It's about content really. :)

Yup makes sense, i skipped the rules and just followed suit i guess. that'll teach me to slow down huh? As for coding lol i wish i was a coder or a graphics designer, but im neither. i just tinker with the two xD


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November 2005
Why is FireFox a partner site?


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June 2005
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Why is FireFox a partner site?

An artifact. :P Literally been an partner site since day 1 since Chrome wasn't around the other alternative was, ya know, Opera...


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January 1970
Hello! We are already affiliated with your forum, but we have updated our forum url and button image!

Here is what our old button looks like:

And here's our new info:

Forum Name: The Ethereal Universe Unlimited
Forum Link:
New Button Url:
Button Code: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="The Ethereal Universe Unlimited" /></a>

Thank you!

Nu Dragon
Forum Admin