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June 2005
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About Articles
So, what exactly is the "Articles" board you may be wondering? Well, let's find out.

This board is a collection of articles that are written by the members and staff of the Studio Zero community. Articles are similar to essays, short tidbits, and/or rants that can either be humorous, informative, persuasive, declarative, or just random in nature.

All articles are submitted by members or staff to this board. They are read before hand by staff members and will not be posted unless they receive the approval of said staff member.

Some articles may be found offensive therefore they are often given to a few different people who could be offended. These people then give their views on the article and let us know how they stand on it. They also give suggestions on how to make it less offensive (which are then passed onto the writer) so that it will be accepted. If they are hardly offended, chances are the article will be accepted.

If you have any more questions about the Articles board, please take a look at the FAQ.


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September 2005
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I submit an article?
    If you'd like to submit an article, please send a message to . Put the title of the article in the subject line and put the article as you want it to appear in the message's body.

  • What are the requirements for an article to be accepted?
    The article should use proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. The occasional typo is alright, but please spell check it before hand anyway. Said article must also have some point to it. There must be some basis behind the article and a reason for it being written.

  • What are some good topics to write about?
    The most popular articles seem to be the ones that are relevant to popular topics in the news or ones that are humorous. Informative and debatable topics are also somewhat popular. The best thing to write about is something you're familiar with and/or enjoy to do.

  • What should I do if an article is offensive to me?
    Ignore it or try to calmly debate the topic if you wish. People have a right to express their opinions, but hopefully the parts that may offend you are generalized. For example, it'd target all religions instead of just Christianity or Islam.

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