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June 2005
We want to keep the board simple and fun, so let's go over the brief set of rules here:

1) No double posting, unless one is a bump. Bumps are only allowed once a thread is on the second page.

2) Don't create a duplicate game thread. If a game isn't on the first page, it is not considered a "duplicate."

3) Anyone can create a forum game thread. Just please explain the game fairly well so people understand it.

See, that's not too complex, right? :) Here's a few things to know about the board:

1) Post count is 100% disabled.

2) There are no SZ points rewards for any of the games. They are purely for fun.

3) We will delete the inactive game threads every 2 weeks or so. (Inactive is decided at our discretion.) This is done so our total forum post count doesn't become too inaccurate... we want to have some fun, but not make it a false number.

Have fun guys! :) Any questions, PM a moderator of the board.