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Just a mother doing graphic designing!


May 2007
I use GIMP now, but I would have to say Photoshop is the best. Mostly because I started on Photoshop then lost the computer that Photoshop was on and download GIMP about 3 to 4 months back. I have a hard time with GIMP since I know more about how to make stuff look nicer in Photoshop. That how come all my graphics so far has suck. :P
I don't do graphics anymore! Leave me alone about it!

I use Photoshop Elements, because, it's not "in your face", and basicaly says "Hi, you're designing? How's things?", sort of "informal".

There's a "lot" of Quotes in there, el-ow-el...


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Lets get messy

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June 2009
PS for the win.
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To be honest, I'm kinda leaving PS now (just using it for the basics and quick fixes, like If an avatar needs cropping and I have three seconds to do it). I do most of my work in Flash now.


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October 2009
I used P P before i got PS7. It was pretty bad imo. PS7 I LOVE! It's great. I have gimp, but only because one of my school classes requires it.


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October 2009
I like PhotoShop Cs4 my self but i've just started to make graphics but thats my prefrance right now

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July 2009
Paint Shop Pro :)
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