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Where were you when Reach fell?

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May 2008
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A ban sounds good.

I know of another forum that has done that - they only allow links from 6 or so places ... wImg being one of them! ;D :P

I seriously don't see what's wrong with MU or RS.
Both are reliable sites for hosting.
It was just that stupid one that I'm up for banning, which is SendSpace. They delete stuff after a few days of no downloads. It was/is ridiculous.
Not sure if that place still exists tbh. Haven't seen SS links around for ages :o

You can't trust Rapidshare anymore. They are filtering content and deleting without warning. Not to mention their (up to) 3 minute waits are attrocious. Megaupload is certainly better but they also tend to delete things, even legit things.


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June 2005
How about this.... We create a list (to be put in the first post and/or separate sticky) of HIGHLY recommended sites, recommended sites, and alternatives, though never recommended. So far my list of highly recommended is as follows:
- deviantArt
- wImg
- Mediafire

I'll sort the rest into other categories.


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December 2009
I've never ever ever once had a problem with MU or RS, so for me, they would be on my highly recommended.
Hotfile seems to be a popular hosting site these days, no clue why. I'd never heard of it until I got back from not having the net lol.
Oh also netload is a popular one lately too.

RS shouldn't be a problem unless warez stuff is on the account.. :P