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June 2012
So I came up with an idea, where a total novice would do what they could with a stock image and the person who replies, would add something of theirs too it and keep going until we get a unique graphic piece and hopefully the end result will be somewhat better than what we started out with.

Its basically something to do when the forum is a little shy on posts. And should be fun to see what was done etc. And hopefully each poster will explain what they did with the image, to help novices like myself get more used to their graphic software and how to edit images etc.

So that aside, here is the stock image to start with.

And here's what i've done with it.
I right clicked on sonic and chose alpha to selection, changed my foreground to blue and background to black and used the blend tool fg-bg rgb and went to alpha to logo and used the cool metal option and voila.

What will you do and how?


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November 2005
So is this a forum game?

I think you could have put a little more effort into removing the grain around the subject. All those little pixels look bad. This can be fixed by re-bordering it in Illustrator, or you can add zoom in on photoshop and fill/remove with toolz.

The background seems a little bland. It might have looked better with a simple foreground/background gradient.

The border looks terrible. It should not have a emboss. It should be flat to fit the rest of the flat image.

This is something that could have been done in less than one minute. If this was an art project for college, your professor would be disappoint.

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