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June 2005
Just a few guidelines to go by when posting. They are pretty logical to follow, and they just deal with proper conduct. Please follow these rules as some of the violations are quite serious and offensive to some members and staff in here. The majority of these rules will result in a verbal warning. Repeat offenses will be resolved with a visible warning. If offenses continue, then a ban will be issued to resolve this.


General Rules

Last updated July 19th 2009 by Fredy.

  • Flaming and Flamebait
    Intentionally trying to insult a member or staff member or trying to begin a flame war will be dealt with accordingly to the incident's severity.

  • ProBoards Terms of Service
    Don't violate it, k?

  • Size Restrictions for signatures
    Signature size limit must not exceed 500x200 pixels or any other sizes which may stretch the forum size. There may be a few exceptions, but the chances of this are extremely unlikely.

  • Double Posts
    Please do not post more than one in a row. Wait for someone else to reply, or edit your previous post.

  • Post Quality
    As a general rule, try and keep your posts to at least 10 words. If you are going to "quote to agree", you MUST add something to the topic, not just quote. "lol", "ha", "*facepalm*" ect are spam posts. Add something to your post. Also, when creating new topics, think to yourself, will this create discussion? If not, you probably shouldn't post it.

  • Advertising
    Please do not advertise your forum in any board. You MAY advertise in your signature, but any other kind of advertising is NOT permitted.

Please Note: Any violations that are broken within, but not limited to, these general rules will be dealt with according to the situation and the staff's judgment and discretion. We have the right to reserve our judgment and actions.

If you have any questions on these rules, please PM a staff member.

Last Edit: Aug 19, 2009 3:27:30 GMT by Andrew McGivery

Team Studio

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June 2005

Last updated December 13th 2008 by Chris.


  • Q: What must I do to get a custom title?
    A: Obtain 150 posts and PM Chris. You may have it changed at any time from then on, but if you ask too much, you may be denied for a change. You can also buy a custom title using your points. For more information on that, see the points section in the next post.

  • Q: What are the ranks, the amount of stars, and the requirement in posts?
    A: They are as followed, in the syntax of "Name - Posts Needed - Stars"
    Legendary Studio Member - 2000 - 6
    Senior Studio Member - 1000 - 5
    Dedicated Studio Member - 750 - 4
    Studio Member - 500 - 4
    Senior Member - 250 - 4
    Dedicated Member - 125 - 3
    Official Member - 25 - 2
    New Member - 0 - 1

  • Q: How do I become staff?
    A: First off, never ask to become staff, unless it is in the staff application board. To prove you would be worthy staff, you must first help out around the forum, in any of the groups, and prove that you could do your job.

  • Q: When will the Staff Application board open?
    A: The staff application board will be open when we need more moderators to help with running the Studio. There is no guarantee when this will be. We also only use this as a last resort for getting staff.

  • Q: How can I indent?
    A: [tab] is the same as three spaces. For a number that isn't a multiple of three, use " "

  • Q: Where is this banner changer?
    A: The banner changer can be found in "My Studio" (check the top menu). You also must be using Version One. The link will be next to "Bookmarks" and "Modify Profile."

  • Q: Can I submit banners for the banner changer?
    A: Of course. They have to be up to a certain level of standard however. This standard will be decided upon by Chris. To submit a banner for the changer, PM Chris. Entitle the PM the name you want the banner called. If you don't have a name, the staff will attempt to create a clever one.

  • Q: The banner for v0, v1, v2, or that I selected via the Banner Changer isn't showing. What's wrong?
    A: If you're using Firefox, changes are it is that the AdBlocker Plus extension is blocking items from Studio Zero's host. To fix this, add these two items to your "Exception rules" or "White List."


    Adding those will allow the banners and any other blocked images/scripts to be shown. Another alternative method is to pull up the menu for AdBlocker Plus and to click "Disable on [-link here-]" so that a check mark appears next to it. This will prevent it from blocking any items while you view Studio Zero. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact us using the Feedback and Suggestions board.

  • Q: How do I change skins and/or select another version?
    A: To select another skin/version attempt to view your profile (the appropriate link is at the top of the page to view your profile, depending on your current version). Once viewing your own profile, you should see a "Modify Profile" link near the top in versions Zero, One, Two: Lite, and Two.One, and near the bottom in Version Two: Module. Click that link and then you should be able to find the "Select Skin" option while modifying your profile. Select the version you want and then finish modifying your profile.

  • Q: What is the points system?
    A: Please read here for more information.

Last Edit: Dec 14, 2008 17:32:33 GMT by Chris