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June 2005
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About This Board
This board is for suggestions and any comments about Studio Zero.

Although we all welcome any feedback, we do not appreciate members just criticizing us for no reason at all. If you want to post a negative feedback, please do so in a formal way. Any negative feedback without proper justification and straightforward evidence will be locked. Multiple violations will result in either a warning of some sort or ban.

As for suggestions, for now, we will let other members have open suggestions by replying to a thread.

Please 1 thread per suggestion. We trust your judgment in what you are doing. Please make your suggestions lengthy enough so that we can discuss it with you. If you make it too vague, it's basically a guessing game for us and we don't really like that.

If you happen to be reporting a ripping of some form, please message the offending site's link.


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August 2005
Don't forget when reporting bugs, glitches, or other issues that you also mention the skin that you're currently using. A problem that appears on one version may not necessarily appear on another.

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