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June 2012
I have been a fiddler with graphics now for many years, sadly i have no skills to create my own pieces of art, brushes, textures, renders yada yada... So i just use what gimp has to offer, until i get the courage to do my own thing so to speak.

Anyways i was fiddling as normal and i made two pieces, which i am quite proud of. I'm also working on another and will show that when i'm happy with it. Until then here's the first two.

Any advice, criticism & just general comments are welcomed.

Bad Apple

Going to hell

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November 2005
VERY cool effects for both, considering you only used the tools at hand. I'm trying to imagine what you could create with more tools available to you!

I'd say the first one has a very artsy feel to it. Something worthy of approval on DeviantART.

I don't like the font in the second image. It doesn't match the rest of the image - the fire effect could also use some work, but looks decent considering what you utilized.

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