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Quacker Jack

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December 2007
I randomly got on Skype and I am now kind of on a nostalgia run right now. And I'm very distracted too. Holy shit this place still exists.

How has everyone been over the years? Boy it has been a while.


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Ghost Admin


June 2005
Hey man,

I'm surprised that you're still posting in here. xD

Just checked the site out for nostalgia purposes. Been good man, relocated from New Zealand to Sydney now. Life is good g.
Ex-admin, designer and founder of Studio Zero. Currently working as a Dentist :)


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I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes, I am the ghost, that hides in the night

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September 2006
I guess i'm doing the same. Checking out some old sites, lol

Life been good, Got engaged adopted step-son, had two more (boys) and one on the way (girl)

Hope all is well with anyone who may read this post again. ^_^


JD Avatar


June 2008
Good to see that people are still alive, after all these years.

Hope you're all well!