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June 2005
This is very much an alpha code. I'm going to keep working on it over the next few days to try and perfect it, but I wanted to get it out now so that I can get some feedback, ideas, and general suggestions. :)

Current Version: v0.0.1 Alpha
Description: This will let you mark notifications as deleted so that you can keep track of which you have viewed.

- Delete icon in post

To install, first make sure you have installed the Yootil plugin:

Next, install this plugin. There are currently no settings. They will come in the future.

Please note that future versions of this plugin will forget which items have been deleted. This is intentional. (I also consider it acceptable because we're in betazone still.)

Known Bugs
  • If you are quoted and tagged in a post, deleting one item will cause the other to be deleted on the next page load. This is because they share a timestamp.
  • The code will fail silently if you reach the max key size. This should be handled smartly, potentially with user interaction, by my code.
  • If you have hidden everything on the first page, but have a second page, there will be a double border between "Show More" and the all hidden message.
  • If you have hidden everything on the first page and the second page, then the "everything hidden" message will show a second time.
  • If you have two pages of notifications, having the first page entirely hidden displays a contextually inaccurate message. "all deleted" vs "first page deleted"

Future/Planned Updates
  • Fix all above bugs. :P
  • "Delete All" link which will delete all currently visible notifications
  • "Show Deleted" link which will let you view all of the notifications you previously deleted
  • "Delete Prior" option which will let you hide all notifications before a specific date
  • "Undelete All" link which will let you undelete any notifications that are still available
  • Add plugin options for all text strings (i.e. "All messages have been deleted")
  • Let you customize the deletion X with an image or other icon (currently uses the closing icon from the Participated popup)
  • Improve compression so that more notifications can be remembered as deleted.

Last Edit: Jan 9, 2013 19:51:49 GMT by Chris