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Head Coder


June 2005
Currently, personal notes don't seem very useful since it requires at least 3 clicks (profile, edit profile, personal) to be able to access them. I decided to fix this.

This code will add an icon to the ProBoards Network (PBN) bar (as shown below.) When you click this icon, it will open a popup with the Personal Notes form. This way you can get easy access to your notes (and edit them!) without leaving the page. The ads are a requirement (of ProBoards) to be shown, so please do not ask to have them removed.

I'm looking for input on what settings you guys would find useful for this plugin as well. Though not implemented, my current ideas for settings are as follows:
- Popup height, width
- Image icon (forgot this by default. My bad. :-X)
- Display icon in a left toolbar (will be implemented via Yootil once I write that library.)


Please note that this plugin requires Yootil to be installed.

Last Edit: Jan 9, 2013 19:51:15 GMT by Chris