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New Member


February 2013
First post here.

A forum veteran, with years of experience as a moderator or admin on V-Bulletin sites.

I had my own ProBoards site a few years back but locked it down and let it sit for about three years... opened it back up about three weeks ago and upgraded to V5.

Saw a link to this board in a signature on the Support board and I thought I'd give it a look!

Very nice board and I am glad to be here.


⸗April⸗ Avatar
Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

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April 2012
Welcome, welcome!

How are you liking the changes in V5, after being gone for those 3 years?

Enjoy your stay here and remember to come back often. ;)


Chris Avatar

Head Coder


June 2005
How are you liking the v5 changes compared to vB? I'm curious on that one actually. :)

And welcome to the Studio!