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Chris Avatar

Head Coder


June 2005
So, the other day I finally beat this with my friend. After about 60+ hours, according to their clock, we beat the game. Took freaking forever. We eventually just said "Ok, we're beating this game this weekend." Pulled two late nights (in bed by 8am :P) to beat it.

So, it was a pretty awesome game, and the first in the series that I've played that actually had zombies... in the past, I had only played RE4 and RE5, which are both focused on parasites instead of zombies.

Anyone else play this? I'm currently trying to motivate myself for a 2nd play through to get the tokens and skill points. (And to collect the weapons I missed as the other characters.) I'm also part way through a 2nd play through on Professional with unlimited magnum ammo.

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Lucifer Avatar

Mythical Studio Member


August 2005
I feel like my friends hated this game, but most of my friends are pretty cynical gamers, especially when it comes to franchise games.