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June 2005
Applications: Open

Welcome to the Partner Sites application thread. I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

To start things off, here are our mini-banners:

You may use any of the three (though we recommend that you use one of the latter two.) You may rehost them or hot link them as necessary. If you wish to create a Studio Zero mini-banner better suited for your forum's design, just ask us for approval on it. We're fairly open to this. :)

Next, the banner should link to either or It can be done via a redirect or however you wish.

Now, the full requirements.

1. You must have a good amount of content. If your site is a forum, you must have at least 10,000 posts visible to guests. Forum game boards, staff only boards, passworded boards, and hidden boards do not count towards this amount. If your site is a website, you must have a good amount of articles or resources. This amount will be decided by the staff of Studio Zero. If the site is a mixture of a forum and a website, the staff of Studio Zero will decide if you have enough content to pass our requirements. We will lower the post count requirement if you have good design/coding resources.

2. The content you provide must be of a decent level/quality and must be available to guests. This means, that a user must not be required to register to obtain the content. There is one exception, and that is full fledged forum or website templates since they require a large amount of work.

3. The design should be decent. Your website does not have to be beautiful or amazing, but the template/skin must be at least bearable. You may not be using a premade website or forum template, even if you have made significant changes. We're a design site and wish to affiliate with sites that have the ability to design their own template.

4. The website/forum must comply with the ProBoards Terms of Service, regardless of it being hosted on ProBoards. This is because we can not be affiliated with a site that doesn't pass the ProBoards Terms of Service agreement.

5. You must be a staff member of the website you are applying to have added as a partner site, preferably to the extent that you are able to add our mini-banner. It'd be best if you were an admin, though it is not a requirement.

6. You must add our mini-banner within 24 hours of being ACCEPTED as a partner site of Studio Zero. Sometimes we take a bit to review applications, so this is a grace period for your sake.

7. If you have too many other affiliate sites, we may deny you since we don't feel we will receive relatively equal exposure. "Too many" will vary on the site, but normally more than 28 affiliate sites will constitute too many. (Studio Zero strives to maintain 21 or less affiliate sites.)

When applying you must provide a link to your forum or website and link(s) to your mini-banner(s). We do allow multiple mini-banners to be shown in a random rotation, so feel free to provide more than one.


P.S. If you are not accepted as a partner site, you may still add our mini-banner if you wish. We gladly welcome any and all support to the Studio. :)

- January 5th, 2013 - First cut of the new rules.