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December 2009
This was just a little something I did for one of my themes in May 2013, so figured I'd share it. It's actually a nice little mod to have.

This will place total PMs and total new PMs in your nav bar, to the far right. Like so:
YOUR NAME (signout) - Inbox: 6 | New: 2

For guests, it will display like so:
Welcome Guest to YOUR FORUM NAME. Login or Register.

If you use this, I recommend disabling your "messages" button from your theme, however it's only optional.
Admin > Themes > Layout Templates > Forum Wrapper
On the default ProBoards theme, replace lines 39 to 45 (which is this):

<p id="welcome">
{if !$[current_user.is_member]}
Welcome Guest.  Please $[login_link] or $[register_link].
<span>Welcome $[].</span>  $[logout_link]

With the below:

<p id="welcome">
{if $[current_user.is_member]}
$[] (<a href="$[logout_link.href]">signout</a>)
 -  <a href="/conversations/inbox"><b>Inbox:</b></a> <font color="#8fcf55">$[current_user.messages.inbox]</font> | New: <font color="#cf5558"><u>$[]</u></font>
Welcome Guest to $[]. $[login_link.] or $[register_link.]

The only things you need to edit, are the parts I have put in green. These are hex codes you need to replace with ones to match your forum theme.

(NOTE: because this was originally posted in May 2013, the lines that i direct you to MAY be incorrect, but I have shown you exactly what you need to find and replace etc. Any problems though, don't hesitate to ask.)


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June 2005
Looks good to me. :)