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Andrew McGivery

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September 2005
Welcome to The Studio! My name is Fredy, And I'll be your Tour Guide here in your first few moment at Studio Zero!

First Step
Your first step, should be to Post an Introduction. That way, we'll get to know you! In your introduction, tell us anything you want about yourself! The more detailed, the better! You can include stuff like your name, where your from, your hobbies, your experiences with coding/graphics, your musical interests, ect,. Then, you should be welcomed by our members very soon.

Yes, There Are Rules
Like everything in the world, Studio Zero has rules. BUT, There are few rules, and they are very easy to follow. Also included with the rules, are an FAQ concerning things like custom title, ranks, using the skins and banner changers, and more! oh yes, click HERE for that page!

Find YOUR Interest!
Your next step is the fun part! You get to figure out your interests, and post in the boards that apply to them! Studio Zero has a wide variety of boards, and therefore, can treat almost any of your interests! Like opinion articles? Check out our Articles Board. Our Convention Center Serves as a general board. Basically anything can be posted here including funny videos, funny conversations, weird internet finds, ect,. And I almost forgot to mention, One of the subboards of it is the Video Games Board. So, make sure to check that one out if your interested. WE also have boards for Literature, Graphics, and Coding.

Customize your Studio!
I almost forgot! Make it YOUR studio. Customize it how YOU want it by going to your User CP and clicking modify profile. Here, you can change things like board options, your name, your avatars, signature, the skin your using, and more. Also, if your using Version 1, The User CP Will contain a link to a banner changer where you can choose which banner you'd like to use!

Request It!
Do you need a Code or Graphic made for you? Well, we can supply both, free of charge! Make sure you read the stickies first!

Learn It!
Want to learn to do some amazing graphics? Check out our Graphics Tutorials!. OR, if instead you'd like to learn how to code, check out our Coding Tutorials.

Suggest It!
Got an idea, suggestion, or just some feedback? Check out our Feedback and Suggestions Board.

Showcase It!
Have a forum or piece of artwork you'd like rated? Our Personal Showcase Board is the perfect place for you then! However, do not get this confused as an advertising board. Advertising is not allowed anywhere on Studio Zero except in your signature and profile.

Need Help?
If you have any questions, feel free to Pm Me and I'll be glad to help you.

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