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September 2005
This tutorial will show you how to fully customize your UBBC tags and get a really professional minimalist look!

UBBC tags can be boring. And frankly, making the PB defaults into your skin colours is such a monotonous dull task, I wrote a program to do it instead:

But you can do better than that. UBBC should have some time taken over it, rather than just skipped over.

The whole point of minimalism is to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. So do. A few ideas:

Use only a pixel square as your border
Use a pixel font
Use only two block colours - one for the background, and one for the border and text

Your UBBC Tags will quickly develop from these simple guidelines. I used a dark green to create this Bold tag:

It looks nice enough, but seems to be lacking in something. An easy way to add interest to this is to modify the border:

When you've found a style you like, just finish off the rest of the buttons. Remember:

The glow button should be a block circle of a mid-range colour (e.g. if your text is dark green and the background is light green, choose a mid-green)

Make the buttons look like what they do (B, I, etc)

Use simple icons, don't go above 4 colours.

You should now have a set of perfect minimalist UBBCs!

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September 2005
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