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June 2005
This code allows you to make a specific user's display name an image.

<script type="text/Javascript">
// Image Display Name by Chris
// Do not redistribute without permission

var aAH = document.getElementsByTagName("a")
function imageName(uid, img){
aAH[a].innerHTML = "<img src='"+img+"' border='0' />";

// Edit here
imageName(1, "");

To edit, find this line near the bottom of the code:
imageName(1, "");

You can repeat that line as many times as needed for multiple users' names. The first part (red) is the member's user id. To find a member's user id, view their profile. Now, check the URL. You should see something like "member_id=7172" That number after the equals sign is the member ID. The second part (green) is the URL of the user's new name.

This module should be placed in the global footers of your board.

Last Edit: Jul 18, 2007 19:28:28 GMT by Chris