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December 2009
Welcome to the Premade Submissions board!

First, let us thank you for wanting to contribute to our database. And although we'd love to accept your submission, there are a few rules you need to know first. These rules are listed below...


1. Provide as much information as possible
2. Include a preview - If you don't include a preview, your submission will be rejected
3. Give your thread a proper name, not just something like "some sigs". This helps us when indexing your submission. If you can't think of a good name, simply put "YOUR NAME Signatures."
4. Provide as much info as possible.
5. Use the proper form (below)

The Form

[b]Download:[/b] [url=URL TO DOWNLOAD]Click Here[/url]
[b]Preview:[/b] [url=URL TO PREVIEW]Click Here[/url]
[b]Other:[/b] (Optional)


Name: St.Inky Sigs
By: St.Inky
Download: Click Here
Preview: Click Here
Other: Don't repost or claim without permission. The file is 2mb total.


Moved - The submission has been accepted and moved to the database. Please note that after at least 30 days has passed since being moved, the placeholder thread might be deleted.

[R] - The submission has been rejected and a reason can be found in the thread.

[wimg] - The submission is/was hosted on wImg, which has since closed. It's not rejected, however it obviously can't be accepted until the link is updated.

[dupe] - This is a submission which has a duplicate either in the submission board or in the database. Dupes are usually moved to the database, but not added. Instead, the link to the original is added.

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June 2005

If you find a [R] in a thread title, it means that submission has been rejected.